11 drugs
Ment Fresh

Natural oil ment (15ml) (Stimulates the cells and increases the cells energy ...


Not Available

Dooz 14000

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Pa, AV, Omega 3, C, E, Zn, Cu, 12, Fe, S, AA= ME, CY, Biotin, O, NS, SB, Zinc ...


Amantadine 100mg. I.V. Infusion

Babysol soln.

Banana juice 2%, Glucose 2.5%, Rice starch 0.30%, Nacl 0.35%, Pot. Sorbate 0.15%, ...

Sodium bicarbonate 4.2%

Sodium bicarbonate 4.2% (500 ml)

Sodium bicarbonate 500 ml

Sodium bicarbonate 5% (500 ml)

Calcium Chloride 20 ml

Calcium chloride 2H2o 2 gm., Water up to 20 ml


Synthetic saliva (sorbitol, Kcl, Nacl, Magnesium cl, Calcium (cl)2, pot.. -->moisten ...