Capsules are easier to swallow and are used by manufacturers when the drug cannot be compacted into a solid tablet. They are also useful when the drug needs to be mixed with oil or other liquid to aid absorption in the body. It is normally a shell or container made of gelatin  ... more

1830 drugs
Mirazid 300 mg

Commiphora ext. 300 mg

Arelix 6

Piretanide 6mg

Nifepin 10 mg

Nifedipine 10 mg

Adalat 10mg

Nifedipine 10mg

Micard 20

Nicardipine hydrochloride 20 mg

Pelcard SR

Nicardipine HCL 50mg

Bacticlor 250mg

Cefaclor 250mg

Bacticlor 500mg

Cefaclor 500mg

Ceclor 250mg/5ml

Cefaclor 250mg

Cefaclor 250mg Capsule

Cefaclor 250mg

Cefaclor 500mg

Cefaclor 500mg

Serviclor 250 Capsule

Cefaclor 250mg