An enema is a liquid drug solution that can be delivered up the rectum using a rectal bulb, a syringe, or tubing.

8 drugs
Bisadyl 10mg/30ml

Bisacodyl 10mg


Budesonide 0.02 mg


Sod Acid Phosphate 16%, Sod Phosphate 6%


Sodium Phosphate 16 g, Disodium Phosphate 6 g

Pentasa 1gm Enema

Mesalazine 1g

Sobo-cusate 120

Docusate Sodium 120 mg/10 gm (10 g. tube)

Egycusate 120

Docusate Sodium 20 mg/5 ml (Rectal(120 ml)

Phosphate enema

Disodium phosphate 6%, Monpsod phosphate 16%.