Eye Ointment

Eye ointments are drugs in a greasy, semisolid form. Your body warmth makes them melt. Once you apply ointment to your eye, it breaks into tiny drops. These hang out between your eyeball and eyelid for a while. That’s what gives the medicine time to work.Eye ointments are a safe treatment. ... more

45 drugs
Apigent 0.3% 5 gm

Gentamicin 0.3%


Gentamicin 0.3%

Cortiphen eye ointment

Chloramphenicol 1%, prednisolone 0.5%

Epiphenicol 1%

Chloramphenicol 1%


Chloramphenicol 0.5%

Miphenicol 1%

Chloramphenicol 1%

Ciprocin 0.3% eye ointment

Ciprofloxacin 0.3%

Apigent 0.3% 5gm

Gentamicin 0.3%

Apigent p 5gm Ointment

Gentamicin 0.3%, prednisolone 0.6%


Gentamicin 0.3%, dexamethasone 0.1%


Gentamicin 0.3%