An ointment is a homogeneous, viscous, semi-solid preparation, most commonly a greasy, thick oil (oil 80% - water 20%) with a high viscosity, that is intended for external application to the skin or mucous membranes. Ointments have a water number that defines the maximum amount of water that it can contain.They ... more

184 drugs
Locasalen for Psoriasis and Eczema

Flumethazone 0.02% , Salicylic acid 3%


Lidocaine 5%

Farcocaine ointment

Lidocaine 5%

Vita merfen

benzaxonium, retinoic acid, chlorhexidine

Akne mycin 2% ointment

Erythromycin 2%


bee propolis 50%, aloe vera 3%

Calcipoheal cort

calcipotriol 0.0050%, betamethasone 0.05%


calcipotriol 50mcg, betamethasone 0.05mg

Daivonex 0.005%

calcipotriol 0.0050%


coal tar 2%, hydrocortisone 1%, salicylic acid 2%


jojoba oil 50%, salicylic acid 2%