Vial is a term most often used in the medical field. A vial can be a multi-dose container for serums, compounds, and other liquids. Vials are often made from glass, and they have two distinct features from ampules: they may be sealed or not, and they are sealed with either a vial plug or screw cap. ... more

867 drugs

Lidocaine 2%

Penicillin-G procaine

100.000 IU , P.Procain 300.000 IU


(Long acting Penicillin) 1.200000 i.u

Amikacin 100 mg/2 ml

Amikacin 100 mg

Amikacin 250/2ml

Amikacin 250mg

Amikacin 500mg/2ml

Amikacin 500mg

Amikin 100mg/2ml

Amikacin 100mg

Amikin 250mg/2ml

Amikacin 250mg

Amikin 500mg/2ml

Amikacin 500mg

Likacin 500mg

Amikacin 500mg


Spectinomycin 2 mg


Streptomycin 1000 mg