Antiadrenergics - Beta Adrenergic Blockers

Antiadrenergic agents inhibit the activity of the sympathetic nervous system. They act by blocking adrenergic receptors in target organs or by inhibiting the synthesis, storage, or release of endogenous catecholamines (mainly norepinephrine). This class of medications is most commonly used for the ... more

9 drugs
Bisobeta 5

Bisoprolol 5 mg

Caprol 5

Bisoprolol 5 mg

Caprol 10

Bisoprolol 10 mg


Metoprolol 100 mg

Low Press 100

Metoprolol 100 mg

Mavilor 5 mg

Nebivolol HCL 5 mg

Sotacor 80

Sotalol hydrochloride 80 mg

Sotaloc 160

Sotalol hydrochloride 160 mg

Betaxolol 10

Betaxolol HCL 10 mg