Antihistamines - Sedating

When you have an allergic reaction, your body releases a substance called histamine. Histamine causes allergy symptoms when it binds to receptors on certain cells in your body. Antihistamines work by decreasing the effects of histamine at certain cell receptors.Over-the-counter (OTC) antihistamines ... more

103 drugs
Hitazine 10mg/ml

cetirizine 10mg

Allergyl 2mg/5ml

chlorpheniramine 2mg


chlorpheniramine 4 mg

Anallerge 4 mg

chlorpheniramine 4 mg

Pirafine 2mg

chlorpheniramine 2mg

Pirafene 5mg/ml

chlorpheniramine 5mg

Allergex Spary

chlorpheniramine 3.5mg

Allergex 20mg

chlorpheniramine 20mg

Triactin 2 mg/5 ml spray

cyproheptadine 2 mg

Polarmine 6 mg

dexchlorpheniramine 6 mg

Fenistil 4mg

dimethindene 4mg

Atarax 10 mg tablet

hydroxyzine hydrochloride 10 mg