Chemotherapeutics - Anti-Metabolite

Antimetabolites are drugs that interfere with one or more enzymes or their reactions that are necessary for DNA synthesis. They affect DNA synthesis by acting as a substitute to the actual metabolites that would be used in the normal metabolism (for example antifolates interfere with the use of folic ... more

67 drugs
Xeloda 500mg

Capecitabine 500mg

Aracytin 100 mg/5 ml

Cytarabine 100 mg

Cytarabine 100 mg 10 v 5 ml

Cytarabine 100 mg

Cytarabine 100 mg/ml

Cytarabine 100 mg

Cytarabine 500 mg 10 v 10 ml

Cytarabine 500 mg

Cytarabine 500 mg/5 ml

Cytarabine 500 mg


Cytarabine 100 mg

Tabine 100 mg/5 ml

Cytarabine 100 mg

Fludara 10mg

Fludarabine phosphate 10mg

Fludara 50mg

Fludarabine phosphate 50mg

5 fluoro-uracil (biosyn) 250 mg

Fluorouracil 250mg