Chemotherapeutics - Enzyme Inhibitors

Enzyme inhibitors are substances which alter the catalytic action of the enzyme and consequently slow down, or in some cases, stop catalysis. There are three common types of enzyme inhibition - competitive, non-competitive and substrate inhibition.

30 drugs

Amino glutethimide 250mg

Arimidex 1 mg

Anastrozole 1 mg

Sprycel 70mg 60t.

Dasatinib 70mg

Tarceva 150 mg

Erlotinib hydrochloride 150 mg

Aromasin 25mg

Exemestane 25mg

Lentaron depot

Formestane 250mg

Glivec 100mg

Imatinib 100mg

Glivec 400 mg

Imatinib 400 mg

Imatib 100mg

Imatinib 100mg

Campto 100 mg/5 ml

Irinotecan hydrochloride 100 mg

Campto 40 mg/2 ml

Irinotecan hydrochloride 40 mg

Irinotecan hcl 100 mg/5 ml

Irinotecan hydrochloride 100 mg