CVS - Hypotension - Sympathomimetics

Sympathomimetics are drugs that mimic the stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. They are classified as directly acting (act directly on ? or ? receptors), indirectly acting (act by providing more norepinephrine to act on ? or ? receptors), or mixed acting (act by both mechanisms). These drugs ... more

9 drugs
Gutron 5mg

Midodrine 5mg


Midodrine 10mg

Midodrine 2.5mg

Midodrine 2.5mg

Gutron 1%

Midodrine 1%

Effortil 5mg

Etilefrine 5mg

Effortil 7.5mg

Etilefrine 7.5mg

Vascon 10mg/1ml

Etilefrine 10mg

Vascon 5mg

Etilefrine 5mg

Gutron 2.5mg

Midodrine 2.5mg