Diabetes Mellitus - Insulins

Insulin is a naturally-occurring hormone secreted by the pancreas. Insulin is required by the cells of the body in order for them to remove and use glucose from the blood. Cells use glucose to produce energy that they need to carry out their functions. Researchers first gave an active extract of the ... more

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Ins. novomix 30 100u/ml

Insulin aspart 30%, insulin aspart protamine 70%

Ins. novorapid 100 u/ml flexpen

Insulin aspart 100 u/ml

Ins. novorapid 100u/ml

Insulin aspart 100u/ml

Ins. levemir 100u/ml

Insulin detemir 100u/ml

Ins. lantus 100i.u/ml 3ml 5ct.

Insulin glargine 100u/ml

Ins. lantus optiset 100i.u/ml 3ml 5p.

Insulin glargine 100u/ml

Ins. lantus solostar 100i.u/ml 3ml 5p.

insulin glargine 100u/ml

Ins. apidra 100u/ml 3ml 5c

insulin glulisine 100u/ml

Ins. apidra solostar 100u/ml

insulin glulisine 100u/ml

Ins. humulin n 100i.u/ml 1v 10ml

Insulin isophane 100 i.u.

Ins. human mix 100i.u

insulin soluble (regular neutral) 1mg, insulin protamine 1mg

Ins. human mix 100i.u penfill 5ct.

insulin soluble (regular neutral)30%, insulin isophane 70%