GIT - Antiemetics

Antiemetic drugs are prescribed to help with nausea and vomiting that are side effects of other drugs. This may include drugs for anesthesia used during surgeries or chemotherapy for cancer. Antiemetic drugs are also used for nausea and vomiting caused by: motion sicknessmorning ... more

124 drugs
Cortigen B6 Adullt

Adrenocortical Hormone 100unit, Vit B6 50mg

Cortigen B6 Inf

Adrenocortical Hormone 500unit, Vit B6 20mg

Cortiplex B6 Adult i.m

Adrenocortical Hormone100unit, Vit B6 50mg

Cortiplex B6 Ped i.m

Adrenocortical Hormone 50unit, Vit B6 20mg


Alizapride 50mg


Chlorotheophyline 20mg, Chlorphenoxamine 30mg, Caffeine 50mg

Emeral Adult

Chlorotheophyline 40mg, Chlorphenoxamine 60mg, Caffeine 100mg

Emeral Inf

Chlorotheophyline 16mg, Chlorphenoxamine 24mg, Caffeine 20mg

Emetrex 50 mg

Cyclizine 50 mg

Domi Gest

Domperidone 10mg

Domperidone Tablet

Domperidone 10mg

Domperidone z

Domperidone 10mg