GIT - Rehydration Formulas

Rehydration is the process of restoring lost water (dehydration) to the body tissues and fluids. Prompt rehydration is imperative whenever dehydration occurs, from diarrhea, exposure, lack of drinking water, or medication use. Rehydration can be by the oral route or by the intravenous administration ... more

13 drugs

Aspartam, pot. chloride, dextrose anhyd., sod. citrate



Babysol rehydrating 250ml 4p

Glucose 2.5%, rice starch syrup 0.3%, sod. chloride 0.35%, potassium sorbate ...

Hydro safe

Glucose 4g, pot. chloride 580mg, sod. chloride 520mg, sod. citrate 580mg


Glucose 2.7g, pot. chloride 0.3g, sod. chloride 0.5g, sod. citrate 0.58g


Trisodium citrate 0.58g, glucose 2.7g, potassium chloride 0.3g, sod. chloride ...

Rehydran n

Trisodium citrate 0.51g, glucose 4g, potassium chloride 0.3g, sod. chloride ...

Hydro-Safe salts

Trisodium citrate 580mg., glucose 4gm., kcl dihydrat 580mg., Nacl 420mg., Sodium ...


Salts & minerals for hydration

ORS sachets

Glucose Anhydrous , Trisodium Citrate , Sodium Chloride, Pot. Chloride

Pansol 500 ml

Mixture of electrolytes, Glucose. I.V. (500 ml)