Respiratory System - Cough Sedative with Herbal Extracts
89 drugs

Anise 100m

Babe ton

Bee propolis 20mg, honey 1mg, rose hips 35mg, fennel oil, thyme 60mg

Babe ton sugar free

Bee propolis 20mg, rose hips 35mg, fennel oil 20mg, thyme 60mg

Winter mixture Syrup

Bee propolis, lemon juice, castor oil

Winter mixture

Bee propolis, lemon juice, castor oil

B well

Chamomile ext. , liquorice , guava leaves, thyme

Be well

Chamomile ext. , ginger , liquorice , guava leaves

Cough aid

Chamomile ext. , honey, tilia flowers, guava leaves, thyme


Chamomile ext. , guava leaves, thyme

Master guava

Chamomile ext. 0.0395g, tilia flowers 0.36g, guava leaves 3.6g, thyme 0.36g


Chamomile ext. 10%, ginger 5g, eucalyptus 2g, tilia flowers 12%, guava leaves ...