Systemic Antivirals - Interferons

Interferons are a family of naturally-occurring proteins that are made and secreted by cells of the immune system (for example, white blood cells, natural killer cells, fibroblasts, and epithelial cells). Three classes of interferons have been identified: alpha, beta, ... more

19 drugs
Egyferon 3 miu

Peginterferon 3 miu

Egyferon 5 miu

Peginterferon 5 miu

Ismafron 200 iu sublingual

Peginterferon 200 i.u.

Peg intron 100 mcg/0.5 ml

Peginterferon 100 mcg

Peg intron 150 mcg/0.5 ml Interferon

Peginterferon 150 mcg

Reiferon 6 miu

Peginterferon 6000000 i.u.

Intron A 3.000.000

Interferon Alfa 2b 3.000.000 I.U. I.M.,S.C.

Intron A 5.000.000

Interferon Alfa 2b 5.000.000 I.U. I.M., S.C.


Interferon Alfa 2a 3.000.000 I.U. I.M., S.C.


Interferon Alfa-2b 1.000.000 I.U. I.M., S.C.