Leukeran 5

Chlorambucil 5mg

Black Box Warnings
Severe bone marrow suppression can occur with chlorambucil
Chlorambucil is a carcinogen. Chronic therapy may produce myelocytic leukemia and secondary malignancies
Chlorambucil may cause infertility. It is teratogenic and mutagenic

Hypersensitivity or resistance; demonstrated resistance to chlorambucil previously

History of seizures; head trauma; those receiving other potentially epileptogenic drugs
Potentially mutagenic, carcinogenic & teratogenic; avoid pregnancy
Can cause infertility
Severely myelosuppressive
May need lower dosages in liver failure
Beware of cross-hypersensitivity w/ other alkylating agents
Reduce dose in preexisting myelosuppressive situations or if WBC/Plt counts fall below normal
If used within 4 week of radiation/cytotoxic chemotherapy
Avoid pregnancy

Remember, keep this and all other medicines out of the reach of children, never share your medicines with others, and use Leukeran 5 only for the indication prescribed.